ERP Health Check

As a part of the Unit4 Business World ERP Health Check service, Agilyx will analyze your current Business World implementation and its best fit with your organization’s current requirements. Recommendations and strategies moving forward are documented and where required estimated for future works to be undertaken.

When is it time for a Health Check?

  • Your system experience is not what it used to be
  • Your system was implemented over 18 months ago
  • Your business requirements are changing due to growth, employee turnover or market trends
  • There are performance concerns related to your system setup, hardware or configuration
  • You are experiencing a loss of productivity due to frustrating labor intensive workarounds
  • You don’t have the proper resources or expertise to conduct a system analysis

What are the benefits of a Health Check?

  • Optimize your business systems, setup and staff productivity & moral
  • Empowers your team to be Change Ready
  • Maximize your Business World investment
  • Ensure you are getting the value from your Business World that you deserve
  • Ensure Business World is working for you as hard as it should
  • Happier and more satisfied end users

How does it work?

When you engage with us our team will start a journey with you to system efficiency:



Stages of a healthcheck icons-09Research

Experienced Agilyx consultants will perform a comprehensive review of how your business works through a discovery process. They will conduct interviews with your users and subject matter experts to determine key operational practices and processes required for your organization’s system.


Stages of a healthcheck icons-10Analyze

Your Agilyx Consultant will take all the information from their research and turn it into a formal analysis reviewing how you currently utilize your Business World System and understanding the gap between how the system works for you now and how you would like it to work for you.


Stages of a healthcheck icons-11Recommend

After gaining a deep understanding of your business and system, your Agilyx consultant will present detailed findings to you in a comprehensive report and presentation.


We will make recommendations for your business from five improvement criteria:


Quick Wins are changes that can be made by your team or ours, without too much analysis or effort. Quick changes for sometimes big improvement.

A strategic win is greater solution or change compared to a Quick Win, in support of delivering your longer-term strategy.

Data quality improvements cover recommendations for your data quality which will ensure your information is accurately captured at source.

System enhancements cover recommendations such as software upgrades, new modules and development initiatives that drive process and business efficiencies.

Reporting capability recommendations will maximize the value you get from your reports, ensuring that your reports are accurate, timely and relevant.

Stages of a healthcheck icons-12Solutions

Each recommendation is made with details of the requirement, solution, resource involvement and the business benefits of implementing. This detailed analysis allows you to make an informed decision and prioritize and plan your solutions.

Recommendations are a source of discussion and debate and for those recommendations that you would like assistance with, we put together a detailed proposal, complete with a time and professional services implementation schedule.