The Digital Revolution

All around us, the impact of the Digital Revolution is clear. In devices, in apps, even in cars that lift the burden of driving from us – innovation is everywhere.

The Digital Revolution has also affected the way organisations operate through new models and capabilities that have given rise to newer and better ways of working. With this, come rising customer expectations.

At the same time, today’s business environment has become faster and more demanding. People need business enterprise applications that are built for these challenges – that can engage, create impact and free them from as many administrative tasks as possible.

In this fast-paced business environment, you need smart business applications tailored for the needs of your industry and your people. Unit4 Business World is a people-centric Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution built for organizations with strong ambitions to be leaders in their sector. It helps you unlock the best from your team and adapt to new opportunities and challenges – faster, more cost-effectively, whilst avoiding the hurdles of disruption.

It’s time to revolutionise business software


ERP_solutions_people_round_icon  Built for people

It all starts with simplicity. Unit4 Business World is the only ERP solution designed from the ground up for people-centric organisations. It’s built to adapt to the needs of people that collaborate on dynamic cases and projects, rather than forcing them to follow static processes.

By taking into account how people work, the “self-driving ERP” was created. Just as self -driving cars minimize the burden on drivers…

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Business World makes processes much more efficient by automating tasks, suggesting actions and providing insight and business context to decisions. As a result, many tasks can be fully executed with minimal to no input from users, enabling your people to regain valuable time to focus on areas where they make the difference.

Unit4’s self-driving ERP enables a clear, intuitive and insightful user experience – the kind of simple and context-rich interaction you’ve come to expect on your personal devices, recreated in the business arena.

The result? Ease of use paired with a complete and relevant user experience that predicts the kind of information needed by your people to get their job done – faster and better.

What’s the secret sauce behind self-driving ERP? Smart technology that knows the business context your people are in and delivers the most relevant information to help them think and act more effectively.

Unit4 Business World leverages the latest innovations of the digital revolution, such as predictive analytics and sentiment analysis to transform complex information into smart information, making it easy for your people to collaborate and make the best decisions.



Globe_arrow_ERP_solutions_green  Designed for change

For businesses, change is driven by a variety of forces such as growth and expansion, incorporating new business models, integration of acquisitions, reducing operational costs and inefficiencies, cutting back when economic conditions change, and so forth.

The ability to transform and adapt is key. This is especially true (and crucial) in a digital world, where new opportunities are introduced instantly. To continue harnessing the advantages of this new world, you need software that is engineered to constantly adapt. A solution that lets your organisation match and lead businesses that are all vying to stay ahead of the curve.

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That’s why Business World is built on an elastic foundation that extends as you evolve. Its unique architecture enables your people to respond to changing market conditions, resource availability and new rules and regulations, more cost-effectively and without getting tripped up by typical disruption. Information, workflow and analytics are all seamlessly integrated so one change automatically populates throughout the software to keep your enterprise applications working at the speed of your people – and the requirements of those that you serve.


Engineered for value

Business World enables you to manage your entire organisation in a single, integrated cloud ERP suite.