Integrated asset maintenance and service team management

What is it?

Field Force brings together a range of enterprise management software and administration tools in a single module that covers: asset maintenance, inventory management, contract management, resource allocation, regulatory reporting, time/billing invoicing, and mobile workforce communication.

Who is it for?

The main types of organization that will benefit from Field Force are those managing the maintenance of their own or others’ assets (i.e. properties or equipment) or which have field-service teams or other mobile workers. It is ideal for those managing projects and performing operational tasks that involve ongoing maintenance, and it offers a streamlined and transparent way to fulfil high-volume, small-service-order activities. It also supports a move from decentralized handling (via local offices) to a call-centre-driven operation.

How can it help?

Field Force enables field service/asset maintenance organizations to provide the highest levels of service for today’s demanding customers.

Thousands of individual service level agreements (SLAs) need to be managed, each with their own unique pricing model. Failure to meet these demands means declining customer satisfaction, serious delivery delays, and invoice errors that impact payments and cash flow.

The module addresses these challenges in a practical way – balancing customer satisfaction and business profitability.

Increase the speed and quality of response

Field Force provides a consolidated and centralized view of the entire service-order process. Call centre staff and field workers can access the same set of information, as well as take action and provide real-time updates based on this “single version of the truth”. This enables you to deliver immediate, visible benefits to meet customer expectations – via quicker response times and an increased level of service.

Improve utilization and efficiency of field workers

As with all service-centric organizations, the management and efficient use of resources is critical to successful field-services operations. Here are some of the ways that Field Force enables organizations to overcome the many typical problems:

  • Eliminate delays in finding resources closest to a service need;
  • Increase visibility of the activities and locations of mobile workers;
  • Decrease missed productivity opportunities, which are often caused by the mobile workforce being cut off from access to office-based computer applications.


Reduce revenue leakage and shorten invoicing cycle times

Field Force’s mobile integration capabilities translate into faster invoicing cycles and problem resolution. Mobile field workers are able to: accurately account for tasks performed and materials used; update inventory; and close the invoice cycle in real-time, while still on site.

Provide a broader, integrated solution

The strengths of the Field Force module are multiplied when used as a fully integrated part of the broader Unit4 Business World ERP software solution. This enables it to support and be informed by other key business areas. For example:

  • Procurement/stock – users can see stock levels and raise new purchase orders direct from the “Service order central” screen. Advanced handling of discounts and rebates helps maintain price visibility and maximize the benefits of bulk purchasing;
  • HR – sharing information with HR and Resource Planning/Deployment systems and validating that the resources have the right competence and skills;
  • Performance management – enabling managers to view, analyze and report on the entire business operations surrounding field service and asset maintenance, to identify bottlenecks, increase efficiencies and gain an unparalleled top-down view of the operation’s structure, activities and performance.

Core functions – Field Services software

Business World Field Force equips your team with a broad range of tools and facilities, including:

  • a single point of entry for managing customer information, registering and planning resource, planning material, and tracking progress;
  • embedded analytics and reporting for on-demand tracking of time, capacity and skills, as well as financial and inventory management;
  • automated work-order registration, inventory and product-usage updates;
  • proactive service maintenance and object inventory capabilities for scheduling regular preventative work to complement swift reactive maintenance;
  • ability to create credit invoices for both products and hours;
  • separate and customized price lists for time and materials;
  • purchasing optimization to compare prices from different suppliers;
  • import of products and catalogues with flexible mapping to support different file formats;
  • integrated document management;
  • unlimited capture of data via user-defined fields;
  • out-of-the-box infrastructure for mobile device integration to 3rd party mobile devices.

What is the Business World advantage?

Business World Field Force not only offers unrivalled functionality for your asset maintenance and service team management but it also delivers a truly agile and integrated business solution. This takes you far beyond the savings and control that can be achieved with isolated best-of-breed systems, where key information can remain trapped in individual system "silos".

You Make the Rules with Unit4 Business World

Unit4 Business World is a cloud ERP solution that enables service-centric organizations in the public and private sectors to gain a significant advantage over their peers.   Its leading-edge architecture facilitates faster innovation at a lower cost and with less disruption. The result is more opportunity and smarter operations.

  • Easy Growth – Business World customers have the ability to scale up quickly and easily;
  • Effortless Innovation – Experimentation and innovation are built into Unit4’s flexible finance and accounting structures;
  • Seamless Mergers and Acquisitions – The system supports a streamlined integration of acquisitions, as it establishes controls and compliance without disrupting operations;
  • Efficient Divestiture – In times of change, you can scale back quickly and smoothly, as you effectively manage divestment scenarios;
  • Reduced Operational Costs – Users eliminate inefficiencies and spend more time and money on the customer and addressing risk.

Business World customers enjoy business flexibility* in addition to lower TCO** because they need a fraction of the usual resources required to operate and evolve the system.

*IDC Survey “The Financial Impact of ERP Architecture on the Annual Cost of Business Change”
**Eval-Source market comparison “Which ERP Architecture Best Handles Business Change?”