Why choose prevero?

Make better, faster business decisions with our award-winning performance management solution

prevero helps more than 4,000 international clients optimize their financial and operational functions, using business data to uncover deep insight and taking forecasting, planning, budgeting and reporting to a higher level.

Their global network of customers depends on their powerful Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution with rich Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities to give them the power, flexibility and durability necessary to align strategy, finance and operations.

Strong CPM and BI offerings complement Unit4’s self-driving business solutions for services organizations, enabling customers to model service delivery around insightful strategic and operational data.

prevero is used in consolidation with Unit4 products for strategic functions such as corporate budgeting, financial management, strategic planning, analytics and consolidation.

The prevero suite includes:

  • Predictive analytics and business insights
  • Modelling and simulations
  • Ubiquitous access to information via in-memory technology
  • Corporate-wide collaboration and planning
  • Pre-built content for CxO offices and specific verticals


Business Intelligence

prevero provides everything you need to transform disparate sources of financial data into actionable business intelligence. An extensive library of template-driven content makes it easy for power-users and end-users to create bespoke analyses, reports, charts, and simulation models for sectors or specialist fields with speed and agility.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Working from one consistent platform, prevero Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (PBF) solutions enable you to control all financial planning processes in a scalable and flexible way.


Profitability Analysis

prevero Profitability Analysis powers nimble, real-time financial planning with the ability to assess, analyse and act on data. From scorecards to dashboards and ad hoc analytics, you’ll have the information necessary to plan profitability.


prevero consolidation makes reconciling intercompany transactions easier by handing back control to the entities themselves throughout the fiscal year. The solution automatically matches transactions and allows the involved partners to focus exclusively on any discrepancies detected.